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What is VPN?

In today's article, we will know what is VPN and how it works. first of all we know full form of VPN, (Virtual Private Network). Internet has many such websites which are blocked in many countries. If you want to use such a block website, the you have to use VPN. using this you can change the IP address and run any block site easily.

What is uses?

It is kind of private network. The VPN network is mostly used in websites of big companies, government websites etc. it is kind of private network. Because these website have very important data that can be hacked. That is why VPN are used. A VPN sends any types of data in the internet in a secret manner. This makes the hacker unaware and it is safe and secure.

Why do i need a VPN?

1. Hide Your I.P Address-Connecting to a VPN often Hide your IP address.
2. Change Your I.P Address-Using a VPN will mostly changing in result of IP.
3.Access Blocked Websites-Using a VPN you can Access govt blocked websites
4.Encrypt data Transfers-A VPN will protect the data you transfer in public Wi-Fi

Advantages and Disadvantages of using free VPN and Paid VPN.

Free VPN                                                                                Paid VPN

1. It's Free                                                                               1. It's Paid
2. more advertisement                                                            2. No Advertisement
3. Your Data No Safe                                                             3.Your Data safe and secure
4. Limitation uses                                                                   4.Unlimited Uses

How can use in Mobile?

If you want to use VPN in mobile then it is very easy. You will find many apps in Google play store which is absolutely free. As shown in the pics below


How can use in Computer/laptop?

The VPN can also be set manually in the computer.For which you need an IP address and user name and password.Here we are going to tell you the best way which using you can secure your data. this is a free service that Opera company gives you free. for this, you must first download opera's free VPN.
Which you can download and then install from the link given below.                

  • Open after having this software who install and go to settings by clicking on right side menu
  • After going to the settings, you have to click on privacy an Security, after which you can see VPN options.
  • Now you click on Enable VPN here, as soon as you click on it, your VPN should also be active.

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